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The Happening Vol. 2


The Happening II



YOU ARE THE ARTIST   .   The Happening Vol. 2

Place: Direktorenhaus, Am Krögel 2
Date: Friday, 14.03.2014, 6 pm

On Friday the 14th of March, 2014 the independent Art Happening YOU ARE THE ARTIST goes in its second round. For one night the Direktorenhaus in Berlin Mitte will showcase an interdisciplinary and genre-bending selection of 25 different artistic talents. Artist-Curator Gary Cutman presents a space for heterogeneous specialities and characters: 25 artistic talents working in the fields of painting, installation, photography, video, film and netart and performance.

Fluid self-indulgence from Daniel Chluba exists next to lucid illusions of Alexander Govoni and the clear reality of Toums Gosset. While Viviana Druga mixes time and meaning in form of a game, Byron Reza Afshar’s abstruse sound-emulsions cling onto the people passing by.

Still shaken, the viewers get to witness firsthand what exists between frequencies in Kevin Kopacka’s works. To relax you can grab a glass of champagne at Lukas Julius Kejser’s Pop-Up serigraphy bar. An ever changing musical backdrop and many other exciting artists complete the happening.



Raphael Grischa, Ole Fach, Kim Asendorf, Kevin Kopacka, Toums Gosset, Sofia Portanet, Voin de Voin, Stephanie Ballantines, Daniel Chluba, Iman Rezai, Andreas Greiner, Viviana Druga, Lukas Julius Keijser, Lucia Kempkes, Eugen Schulz, Byron Reza Afshar, Flavio Degen, Alexander Govoni, Alessandro Rauschmann, Ghettysburg, Dorothée Recker, Wiola Stankiewicz, Kevin der Künstler, Johanna Stock


Watch the trailer for the exhibition here:

You Are The Artist - The Happening II