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Everything you need to know about “DYLAN”

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We recently published the teaser to our new project titled “DYLAN” which generated a lot of press – as well as a lot of questions.

I’d like to make a brief statement to clear up any confusion.

“DYLAN” is a planned series, inspired by Tiziano Sclavi’s cult horror comic “Dylan Dog” – published by Bonelli.
Seeing that the filming copyright for Dylan Dog is currently still in the US (and not as many believe with Bonelli) we had to change some of the names of the characters. The rights to Groucho are even more complex – retaining to the “Marx Brothers” and impossible to get (there’s even copyright on the moustache!)

The show will still feature characters like Groucho, Bloch, Jenkins, Trelkovski, Morgana and Xarabas – though with different names (the character of Trelkovski will actually be the most different to it’s comic counterpart. The fans will either love or hate those changes – we’ll see).

The pilot episode titled “Dream of the Living Dead” was written by myself and Alex Bakshaev and produced by myself – with DOP Lukas Dolgner covering the costs for the equipment.
I used up all my savings to finance the pilot and it’s done with a lot of love for the original and it’s fans.
The idea is to release the pilot online and have the fans decide if they want to see a series made out of it, or not.
If everyone hates it – then no further episode will be made – if people enjoy it – we will get proper funding (maybe even manage to clear the rights) and do an actual show! If it will be online or a television series will be decided then.

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The idea is to have a 6 episode first season. As with the comics, each episode will be different in style and atmosphere to the one before, but there will be an overarching story with Xarabas planned to appear in the season finale.

We’ve finished shooting the pilot and are currently in post production. Hopefully we’ll get to release it around March 2017. Expect it to be a mixture of the Dylan comics “L’alba dei morti viventi” and “Morgana” with nods to Italian classic horror movies such as “Dellamorte Dellamore”, “Zombi” and “Burial Ground”. It will be very atmospheric, artistic and (hopefully even) scary but still with comedic elements. A trailer will be released in the upcoming weeks.

As a closing statement I will say that this show is made for the fans and in no way meant to be disrespectful to it’s source material. I hope you (especially the Italian fans!) will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!


PS: Please feel free to contact me, in case you have any more questions.