HADES by Kevin Kopacka
“HADES” is a 15 minute long, experimental short film without dialogue.
It was shot in Berlin 2014. with Super 8 and HD



Starring: Anna Heidegger, Cris Kotzen and Iman Rezai
Camera: Lukas Dolgner
Written, directed, produced, edited and scored by Kevin Kopacka
Music: Kevin Kopacka, Moritz Schmalbach
Based on the short story “Statusbezogen” by H.K.DeWitt


A woman is caught in an endless dream, where she has to cross the five rivers of Hades, each representing different stages of her relationship.

Trailer I
Trailer II

Screenings (Selection)

“Cannes Film Festival” – Cannes, France – 14th of May, 2015
“Berlin Film Festival” in Berlin, Germany, 4th of July, 2015
“30Under30 Film Festival” in NYC” – 4th of September, 2015
“Raindance Festival” in London – 23rd of September, 2015
“Roma Cinema DOC” in Rome, Italy – 15th of September, 2015
“Amazon Horror Awards” in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil – 4th of October, 2015
“Northern Frights Festival”, Ontario, Canada – October 24, 2015
“TICDIF Filmklubb”, Stockholm, Sweden – October 27, 2015
“Buried Alive Festival”, Georgia, USA, November 15, 2015
“Mac Horror Festival”, Manaus, Amazonas – November 22, 2015
“Phoenix Festival”, Melbourne Australia – November 30, 2015
“The Greek Depression inside yourself”, Berlin, Germany – January 8th
“Boddinale”, Berlin, Germany – February 11th, 2016
“GENRENALE4”, Berlin, Germany – February 17th 2016
“Beeston Film Festival”, UK, Beeston, Nottingham – February 20th 2016
“The Artist Forum Film Festival”, NYC, May 10th
“Independent Days”, Germany, Karlsruhe – May 15th 2016
“Legless Corpse Film Festival”, USA, April 23rd 2016
“Mosaic World Festival” USA,
“Genreblast Festival”, USA
“Third Eye Festival”, NYC, USA
“Hollywood Horror Fest of Shorts”, USA
“Ozark Shorts”
“Diabolical Horror Film Festival” – Italy
“Toronto Film Week”
“Manhatten Indepenent Film Festival”


Winner “Best Short” “Best Editing” and “Best Cinematography” at the Independent Horror Awards
Winner “Best Sound Design” – Focus International Film Festival
Winner “Best Editing”, “Best Cinematography” – Fantastic Film Awards
Winner “WTF Award” – Genrenale4
Winner “Best Experimental Film” – Madhouse Film Festival
Winner Strange Film Awards
Winner “Best Short 2016” . Creators

Press (Selection)

“…packs more into its lean 15 minutes than most features ever dare do.” – Shock Till You Drop

“Pushing a genre appeals to many—actually doing it is a risky business, but Kopacka demonstrates that he is easily up to the task.” – Examiner

“… shows that a story can be told without Hollywood magic but with pure filming and storytelling talent.” – Starburst Magazine

“Hades makes you think twice about closing your peepers for a long night of sleep, for not even Freddy Krueger himself would want to carouse around in this dream-world.” – Dread Central

“Beautifully filmed and sounds amazing. For those who have seen the horrors of a broken heart and lived to tell the tale.” – Ain’t it Cool News

“Absolutely incredible and completely unlike anything that is out there at the moment.” – Scream Magazine

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